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The most important piece of clothing I am to wear practically in my entire life. I wrote an entry about why I chose my designer a few weeks ago and here’s something to put justice in my choice. Finally posting the design of my gown. But before that just a bit of history. My fashion sense was never typical, I chose my clothes closely and I make it a point to buy clothes in shops that don’t mass produce, hence when it was my turn to look for the “perfect wedding gown” I was thrown off by the usual formula gowns that you’d see on wedding magazines. I wanted something different, vintage perhaps, structured, something that spells glamor minus the feminine ribbons and lace touches (Im not the sweet type!).


Sorry for the blurry pic, haven’t gotten the chance to scan the design, took a pic through my cel. Anywhoo, my gowns bodice is made of pina. The off-shoulder portion does not touch my shoulder it will have support to make it “stand up” on its own. The bodice is cut out pina, accentuated by big swarovski stones and capiz (just a few so it won’t look over the top). The bottom portion is exciting, dyed ostrich feathers and strips of deconstructed silk & jersery will complete the look. The train is different as well, not flat like the usual trains but instead will have texture as drawn. So exciting, can’t wait for the final outcome 🙂

EDIT: This didn’t happen, well it kinda happened will write about this more soon 6/21/09


I went on leave last Wednesday, actually it’s more of trying out the bum life kind of a thing. But more on the bumhood later, that’s a totally different issue that’s more proper to blog about after the umm… the whole period. Anyhoo, I spent the afternoon with Mama Oh, Stressa & Puey in Peninsula. Candy, Puey’s friend happens to have jewelry shop there so the 3 lakwatseras tagged along. Her creations are really eye popping, most of them colored stones with unique settings, you wouldn’t believe you’d find those in Manila. I forgot to take pics but Mama Oh and myself spotted some pieces that could be part of the whole wedding trosseu.

Here’s Candy’s contact details:

Jul B. Dizon Jewellery
The Peninsula Manila
(632) 8864638

After feeding our eyes, we headed to play in Puey’s place. Stressa gave Puey and authentic Korean costume and I was entertained by the BIG gold Motorola phone.

Wanting to make the most of bumhood, and still hungry for more blings Stressa and myself went to Sunjewel in Edsa Shang, JP my wedding coordinator (and hopefully Stressa’s too) recommended that alajera. If Candy’s blings were a statement on the edgy side Raquel’s (owner, of Sunjewel) blings were the “small but expensive type”. The very first set they showed me was a 6 carat diamond set, ganda I was scared out of my wits, I had it kept right away. coz no way on earth can I buy that at least for now 🙂 hehe. Since I didn’t afford those earrings, I searched for pieces sans the million pesos price tag, way less expensive yet can do. I resent the thought of wearing fancy jewelry on my day hence Im planning long before the day so I can manage finances (say brainwash my parentals into buying me a pair… kidding!!). Here are the selections that caught my eye. Oh if you’re wondering why the obsessions with earrings and not with neck pieces, my gown’s design wouldn’t work with a neck piece (i’ll post the sketch soon), so let the earring hunt begin!!!


Diamond Chandelier Earrings setting is Vintage style


Flower type studs (white gold with Diamonds)

JP talked me into getting an eternity ring for myself and a heavy white gold band with a single stone inside the band (have to be sure it’s golf friendly!) for our wedding bands still thinking about it, but who could resist eh?


More pics of the afternoon to follow, can’t upload pics from Stressa’s iphone. 🙂

Since the day I watched JLo in her movie “The Wedding Planner”, I was amazed and mystified by these people who make dreams come true (at least for most part of it…). They seem to have solutions to all wedding problems expected or unexpected, they appear to me as though they’ve seen a preview of what’s to happen in my BIG day. So when it was my turn to look for my Wedding Planner I only considered talking to the best people around, forgive my arrogance but weddings do happen only once in a lifetime and I won’t let any pseudo-planner run my show, hence my list was down to two, Rita Neri and JP Montilla. Rita Neri is like the Chanel of wedding planners, she’s well known yet most soon to wed couples decide not to get her probably because they are intimidated or simply thrown off by her price tag. My boss who hired RN for his wedding has nothing but praises for her. Armed with my boss’ referral I met RN and had a pleasant chat with her. She’s nice in a motherly kind of way plus her cute dog walking around her office made conversation a lot easier. Her outfit can only accommodate 2 weddings in a day, one team (Team A) includes her and a cheaper team (Team B) which excludes her on the actual day but she’ll still be part of the whole preps. Her rates are way higher than an average wedding planner (say 20K higher at an average) but she gave me a discount which kinda sold the deal to me.

I had to give my fiance a  blow by blow report of my meeting with RN, he knows RN to be the mother of all wedding planners, during one of my bratty moments he had to search for the RN book that I was bratting about. I don’t know if it was my bratting that gave him the impression that RN is a  teacher who will impose homework deadlines but anywhoo he wasn’t very much sold into RN. To his request my search continued.

I don’t exactly remember how I got to know JP Montilla, sure he’s President of the PAWP (Philippine Association of Wedding Planners) but I only knew about that after our meeting. He doesn’t participate in any wedding fairs nor does he feature himself in wedding mags.  This gave me the impression that it’s not tactical marketing that sells him but much better his track record and word of mouth from satisfied clients. If RN was a Chanel, JP is the Goyard of wedding planners. He’s glamor is concealed and never shouting, and like an actual Goyard bag only the ones in the know would appreciate. My first meeting with him was way back in 2007, from the moment I saw him carrying a LV bag I knew he was the one, he had to be the one, aside from his commanding presence that make suppliers nod and just say yes, his sophisticated taste in beautiful things (bags and fab fab jewelry to be exact) is sure to make my wedding, again like a Goyard bag, glamorous yet not shouting. His rates are near RN’s discounted rates and he only does 1 wedding a day (2 at the most in those very extreme cases).

To cut the long story short I got the Goyard, and happy eversince. Sure a Chanel is also beautiful but its fit doesn’t quite mesh with me and fiance. Besides, JP being gay and proud makes things easier for me, I was gay in my past life and having gay presence near me makes me giddy! My advice to soon to wed couples is simple, if you can spare cash, 1) get a reliable wedding planner, and please save your families the hassle of planning (besides it should be their day too!) 2) get a established planner and you’ll be surprised on how you can have easy access if not discounts to snotty suppliers 3) and most important, get someone who you are comfortable with, someone who you can be totally honest with and vice versa, say someone who can tell you, how ugly your pear shape body will look in your dream serpentine gown yet still sound sweet and concerned. Got the point?

Since this is a wedblog, I’m obliged to write about preparation matters that’s useful to me and / or might be useful to other bride or grooms to be. The very first matter I settled was the church, Venz and I were somehow sure already about the church even before we started seriously planning our wedding, I’ve already attended several weddings and the churches that had the wow factor were Sanctuario de San Antonio (In McKinley) St. James the Great (In Ayala Alabang) and Manila Cathedral (In Intramuros?), but among the 3 Sanctuario de San Antonio stood out because its vicinity to Venz’ residence, hence less hassle in securing permits, etc. coz it’s just a five minute ride from his place.

sjg.gif St. James the Great is beautiful! Grand facade and an even grander altar! (very nice for taking pics!!). My friends Mike and Ana (Sapitan) had their nuptial rites there and the place was nothing but dazzling. Its location and size however were the culpris, it was in Alabang, it could’ve worked if our reception was in Sta. Elena and I had a 500 -1000 guest list, I’m not just happy to see majority of the pews empty during my long walk.

Manila Cathedral

mc.jpgManila Cathedral will always be “The Manila Cathedral”, I was able to visit the church as one of the stops in our yearly Visita Iglesia the place was packed and I had vertigo hence = bad vibes. It’s also HUGE and I’d personally recommend it for BIG weddings.

ssa.gifHence, we settled with our first choice which was San Antonio, We booked the date last year but we confirmed the date last January 5, 2008 (exactly 1 year and 20 days before the DAY). I must warn you about the lady in charge of weddings there, she’s kinda hard to handle so patience ladies. They have accredited florists which kinda limits your freedom on how to decorate the church. The church’s acoustics is also above average, the size (not as small like a chapel but smaller than a cathedral) is perfect and the altar is photogenic, hence it’s a done deal!

Bratting around

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Wishlist as of 6/21/09

- A new ride
- Digital Photography Lessons
- A custom tailored evening gown
- An everyday bag (a Goyard maybe?)
- A real comfortable pair of black peep toes
- Sticker label for my business truck
- Drapes for our room
- A Hermes dogon wallet
- Vacation with DH
- Finally learn how to play golf
- Expand my nail spa's operation to Pasay
- A timeless clutch
- A gold / silver bangle/s
- Grow my hair long