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I’m a self confessed pleaser, I try to please people I meet, my friends, family and my love ones. I always think of others highly no matter what they’ve accomplished or how far they’ve gone. I have a soft heart for people whom we call “diamonds in the rough”, and with age I’ve learned to become accepting and open minded about what others have to say.

I choose to live my life in an unconventional sort of way, I’m far beyond perfect and I acknowledge that, I’ve made lots of mistakes, the life changing ones that I’d rather not remember, I call them growing pains. I love worldly luxuries and I get them on my own, they make me happy. I’m blessed with a very supportive family, beautiful friends and a very passionate fiancé. I have a career that I deserve and continue to work for, it did not land on my lap like manna from heaven. I’m getting married at 25, it raises eyebrows I know, but I’m lucky enough to get that sure feeling at this age and even luckier to have a man brave and ballsy enough to be my partner in that altar date and the life beyond.

In my own standards, yes, I’ve got my fair share or even more of blessings (well maybe for others I may be a in deep sh*t coz their standards and own lives are way up there!), I sometimes however I still find myself shaking my head in pity for people who are so blessed yet so self righteous and this post is written not for their own self glorification purposes but perhaps it is an effort to align them on where they’re suppose to be. I fondly diagnose these individuals with “the man/woman of the year complex”

They are the types who have reached the stars and maybe have the capacity to hold the universe in their hands (or at least they think they do) but they still spend their precious time stooping down and minding other peoples’ business while they regard their lives as the perfect one, isn’t that so downright contradictory? Please, just wish us well and continue living that charmed life that you always boast about.

I never had anything against people who made it far, or even the ones who think they’ve made it far (so much for self confidence!). I want my siblings, friends and everyone I know struggling in this world to make it. So to the “man / woman of the year” I ask you to encourage instead of judge. Go out of what you call your elite group, coz who knows you might just be running in circles admiring each other’s mistakes.

To each his own, hence please don’t go down history judging people based on how you’d want to see things happen it would only disappoint you seeing people living far riskier yet happier, challenging yet more colorful, less yet richer lives than yours. Snap out of your bubble and see, smell and feel real life. Enough of self glorification.

My apologies for being angst-y, but I just have to let it out, no pun intended. To anyone reading my blog who finds offense on what I’ve just written, take a look at yourself one last time, a little self honesty is needed once in a while.


Call me paranoid, but since Day 1 my dreams about my upcoming wedding always turn out to be nightmares, something is always wrong with my dream, from being uber late, wearing a ugly gown to having unexpected guests. Is this normal? Or is it a premonition of things to come? (Oh no! Lord help me!) I admit that I’m sort of taking a backseat from all the wedding preps, but only because I have so much in my plate right now, the business, family matters and hunting for that perfect nest. I’m so however taken aback by my unsolicited thoughts that I plan to smoothen everything wedding related that is still pending ASAP. I’m scheduled to meet JP my coordinator on Friday, I hope I can find time to write down my agenda / still to do list by then.

Contrary to my bad dreams my preps for our Pre-nup pictorial is nothing but dreamy… I trust Mangored’s eye for telling shots, our attire lovingly created by Puey Quinones is slowly revealing its glamor (the pre-nup dress could pass as a wedding dress, and mind you it’s suppose to be a 20s inspired costume!). Puey will also be styling our shoot, and he’ll get the HMU artist as well. I’m so excited that I don’t mind doing boxing day in and out! Venj is equally excited too, only a guy who practically grew up on a golf course will be happy to do such a meticulous pictorial, never mind the fact that he’ll be wearing a really funny costume. As mentioned, our pre-nup is 20s inspired, not just plain 20s but fashions will reflect the golf lifestyle of the era (flapper era, four-alls, wing tip shoes, etc.). I’ll go accessory / props shopping with PQ on Wednesday. Hay, small accomplishments such as this assure me that I’m on track, and there’s still a long way to go (9 months!!). More on our pre-nup in the days to come…

The past 3 weeks have gone by so quickly, I thought life would be slow paced once I’m out of work but I’m so wrong! Planning my wedding and starting to put a business is indeed a roller coaster ride. Let me give a rundown of what I think are the highlights.

  • I cut my hair short: yup, i dared to do the undoable for most brides, my shoulder length hair has given me nothing but trouble and expenses hence a snippy good old scissors did the trick. I’m enjoying every bit of it! thing is it grows faster than I hoped it would, pretty soon I’ll be caught in the in-between hair stage again which means nightmare.
  • I lost my phone!!! I’m one of the people whom you can call cellphone dependent, my work, social life and family are controlled by my phone!! it got stolen in eastwood (stupid me i know..). I cannot take the fact that I’ll be a bum with no mobile phone hence I succumbed and became a true blue appleholic thanks to the iphone. I can manage my life with it (provided I don’t lose it!) sms, mms, email, internet, calendar, camera, games (love love mario 3) and much much more!!
  • I’m starting my own biz, yes, aside from helping my parentals run their biz, I’m putting up my own, I’ll do a separate blog entry on this one, and I’ll hopefully go back to school (fashion school) by May.
  • Went to China 2nd week of April and so far the contacts I’ve established are worth the trip, I won’t divulge any info yet, better to keep my mouth shut at this point.
  • Venj and I bought our wedding bands!!! It’s not identical like how most people like theirs to be, but it reflects both our personal style and taste and I guess that’s what matters.
  • My good friend Denise is engaged! finally!! this means more wedding planning to do!!

I’ve got more updates but most of them are too shaking to be put in a bulleted blog entry, will do a more detailed entry once I get the time. 🙂

My Koreana friend Theresa is finally getting married!!! CHEERS to MIKE and STRESSA!!! YEHEY!!!

She’s a different animal altogether, don’t get me wrong she’s the bestest koreana in the Philippines, or maybe in the whole world or even the best koreana in the whole universe (yep, that make my Stressa, Ms. Koreana Universe) why? you might ask, here are my my Top 10 reasons:

1. She changes her cellphone every 12 weeks, good for Greenhills tinderas (cellphone, trade in po ma’am sir in their most pitchy voices), see she helps the Philippine economy! Her dream phone, iPhone with diamonds

I will buy this for her if venj wins the PGA tour hehe…

2. She’s the biggest internet junkie, thank goodness for wifi, for without it she’ll be tangled in wires with her laptop. Proof of her being a wifi junkie is that she sleeps hugging her laptop, after using it for 12 hours straight at the minimum


With tongchi gang, still using wifi

Kapoy after “I love my laptop”

3. She’s the best spokesperson for De Beers, Tiffany or other Diamond traders, this girl knows her 5Cs by heart, she even got me a 5 carat roommate ring.

4. She buys the most useless but cutest stuff (egglings, couture dog dresses, make up with very fancy cases and anything hello kitty)

5. She can tell whether the dress is Vera, Monique or Carolina

6. She can tell you about newest “it” bag, with much enthusiasm, with her eyes very big and black coz of contacts (if you want a per country, per continent price comparison, ask her she’ll give you her expert advise!)

7. She doesn’t understand tagalog, but laughs when watching tagalog shows!!

8. As shallow as she may seem, her favorite song is Moon River (Deep diba??) check this out:

9. If you tell her anything out of the ordinary expect her to say “seeeryooousss??” (with hands touching her laptop and big black eyes matched with flyaway hair)

10. Being with her is like watching a real Koreanovela unfold before my eyes, drama comedy and of course a fairy tale (hehehe, minus the evil stepmom..) AJA!!

She’s wayy too crazzy for a normal person, but the heck, im way beyond normal. Besides her usual kapoy moments and pepperoni and kimchi foodtrips, I (and Venjo) love her to the bones, she’s our sister and forever friend. Anyone who messes with her messes with me!! So mike, please take good care of Stressa, she’s one of a kind, a rare find, just like a 5 carat diamond, the only girl worthy to be called Bumblebee Robot or BUBOT for short. 🙂

It’s the time of the year again when people from Sta. Elena (yep, the golf club in Laguna) celebrate the Sta. Elena Cup, some might argue that it’s just another reason for people born and fed with silver spoons to take pride of what they call the country club life. True to what the club really is, this event is a food fest coupled with great goodies (lootbags are all Rustans merchandise!) and prizes (Omega watches, Carribean cruises, get the picture?), everything just spells relaxed luxury. I never imagined myself participating in that yearly event (let’s just say I find the crowd their a tad bit snotty) , I was forced to attend the event 2 years ago, thanks to my then job. I got introduced to a diverse group of individuals, DOMs, matronas, teenagers with raging hormones, desperate housewives, name it I’ve seen it.

I never expected to meet my fiance (my life, my everything:)) in Sta. Elena. I was introduced to him during the Sta. Elena Cup and upon the introduction he was quickly categorized under the “Bums possibly living on interest” category. I shared a table with him and our other golfing friends but I did not pay special attention to him for I had a life completely different life from his, besides it was my last week on the job, hence am so ready to bid adieu to the job, the people and the lifestyle.

God however had other plans for us, and trust me if it’s meant to be, it will be.

Fastforward 3 months, with a new job, new outlook and free from a previous relationship, I met Venz again, If it were not for my drunk friend Ray! From UCC to Embassy, he was dead drunk and still wanted to go to Fiamma, being the usual anti-social person that I am I tried, to dissuade him from going but his hardheadedness prevailed and I had no choice but to follow him to Fiamma (for fear of him being hit by another car or be caught for reckless driving). I saw Venz in the steps by the entrance and he was drunk and could only say “hiiiggghh ahhhhnnnnyyya…..!!!”, what’s with golfers and alcohol eh?? He tried to talk to me that night but another golfer who was walking with johnny got in the way.

He swears his life on a claim that he texted me that night (he got my number from my ex-boss), but I would also swear my life on the fact that I did not get any message! Admit it Venj you are torpe! I figured that desperate times call for desperate measures, and it’s the 21st century a girl has to work for what she wants (or during that time something that intrigued me)! Thank you friendster, you’ll forever go down history as the cupid that released the arrow!! After countless dinners, parental troubles, hours of teaching me golf, shopping days and pure hugs… he gave me the promise of the sweetest days to come. (Story of the proposal to follow!)



His promise of the sweetest days to come, sealed with a diamond engagement ring

Loving and coming to know Venj is one ride I wouldn’t trade for any. He has immersed me (slowly but never too pushy) in a world that I thought to be superficial. His family is an example of love without boundaries and of love that can forgive, a love that heals. I always find myself in awe for his passion for golf, the sport that served as the bridge that connected 2 worlds, his and mine.



From my early days in Sta. Elena until today, I do find see a totally different world. Today, I’m at home in Sta. Elena it’s the place where I go if I want to reminisce our early days, or just a place where I can see Venz at his best and in his most happiest.


Bratting around

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Wishlist as of 6/21/09

- A new ride
- Digital Photography Lessons
- A custom tailored evening gown
- An everyday bag (a Goyard maybe?)
- A real comfortable pair of black peep toes
- Sticker label for my business truck
- Drapes for our room
- A Hermes dogon wallet
- Vacation with DH
- Finally learn how to play golf
- Expand my nail spa's operation to Pasay
- A timeless clutch
- A gold / silver bangle/s
- Grow my hair long