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It’s strange but it’s actually my mom and dad that influenced me into watching Sex and the City, I was still in college and we’d watch the show weekly in HBO. I guess it was my parents’ way of giving me sex education, (cool huh?) but it wasn’t really the sex that kept me glued. It was the outfits, shoes and bags. Fast forward 5 years, the movie is out and I’m still downright impressed yes ofcourse with the outfits, shoes, bags and WEDDING GOWNS! Venj was weirded out since I was crying during Carrie’s vogue pictorials, all the gowns I saw were fantabulous! Dreamy! Brides to be should not be scared of going out of the box, and ban the tube plus beads combo, it’s generic and its definitely not born with the ooomph factor that will impress any discriminating lady. Carrie actually chose a Vivienne gown which is immaculate (esp with that feather head piece!) but here are my top picks (yes I’m desperate, I even had to buy Vogue just to get pictures of these masterpieces!)

I love the bo-peep details of this gown, the big sleeves, puffy skirt and understated hat made me wow, It’s a Dior no wonder…

This one is very close to my own gown, when I saw the over the top detailing of the skirt, I was almost fooled into seeing my own gown. Vera Wang gets my style, I swear if I’d be married again (and with a million pesos budget for my gown alone) I’ll have her do my dress.


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about where Venz and myself would live after the wedding, some plainly concerned while some are just taking the chance to start a “huh? you don’t have a place to stay speech…”. I’ve managed to keep my big mouth close until arrangements have been finalized, and indeed Venz and myself won’t be homeless. We’ve looked around Rockwell (One Rockwell, Joya) and Fort (Serendra) but our heart was instantly caught by The Icon Residences, it’s still in Fort Bonifacio with a prime location next to Manila Golf and with equally prestigious neighbors namely One McKinley & Pacific Place. Here are some pics from grabbed from the website:

Our unit (three 1 bedroom units combined) will have a panoramic view of Manila Golf, yeah golf again, but hey, my fiance is Manila Golf Club Champion so give him the indulgence of seeing his victory everyday. McDonalds, UCC, Neo Day Spa, Tinette & Co. and a Japanese resto are just few steps away, so what more can I ask for?? (hmm… maybe a nearer shopping place?? Can’t walk to High Street hehe)

It’s done! and i tell you it’s not as easy as it looks. I was so wrong when I thought that shoots were plainly easy to do. I had everything laid out attire, shoes, accessories a week in advance but unexpected twists were still constant visitors.

Venj and myself had the vision even from the beginning that our prenup shoot would be different, something that will showcase our personalities rather than the cutesy lovey dovey type (no offense to anyone!), hence came the idea of doing a 20s inspired photo shoot, him wearing and doing golf, while I just posing, watching him (pretending not to be bored ha!) and wearing fab fab outfits! We initially planned on doing it in Sta. Elena but we had to change venues since we wanted to achieve the old golf course look, Sta. Barbara the oldest golf course in the Philippines is in Iloilo and it would be way out of our ballooning budget to fly a crew of 15 there. Puerto Azul was a gem of a location for our pictorial, it’s old, near and versatile enough to give us shots aside from the usual greens.

This prenup snowballed from a single set up to 5 attire changes, 3 hair make up change and numerous locations! can’t say anything but kapagod!!

Here’s a preview of what happened, please take note that all these photos are taken only by yaya vivian using the handy dandy digicam:

attire for the shoot

In Bora bora in Cavite

goofing around

From the golf course, old buildings and rundown sports complex of puerto azul we gamely posed, it was super hot and by night I was attacked by fireflies, hanggang inside my pants nandun sila! Everyone was drained out and the only resto opened was Lolo Claro’s, a Cavitenos version of Max’s, super sarap or were we just hungry? The shoot continued on the next morning, our bodies were covered from dust, sweat and grease thank god for the fab outfits from PQ, with those we were far from looking trashy. hehe

More photos and stories to come once I get hold of our photos, til then i’ll try to contain my excitement 🙂

Bratting around

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Wishlist as of 6/21/09

- A new ride
- Digital Photography Lessons
- A custom tailored evening gown
- An everyday bag (a Goyard maybe?)
- A real comfortable pair of black peep toes
- Sticker label for my business truck
- Drapes for our room
- A Hermes dogon wallet
- Vacation with DH
- Finally learn how to play golf
- Expand my nail spa's operation to Pasay
- A timeless clutch
- A gold / silver bangle/s
- Grow my hair long