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Most people dont know how much I indulge myself in books, and with the golfing (slash boring) trip coming up, I did my usual Fully Booked hoarding just so I’d be busy when he does his game and something to cushion my tantrums just in case I felt like having them. I got books which I’ve been longing to read. For starters, I got both book 6 and 7 of Harry Potter.



Well, admittedly, I didn’t understand the film, oh ok, parts of it so it was pleasure to go back to the source. Honestly, I find that the book is more gripping than the movie, am not saying the movie was a disaster, it wasn’t. It simply  gave me the impression that the film could not stand alone, (without you reading the books or at least seeing the previous ones) but no genius could contain the length and depth of such literature in a flick, even a 3 hour film for that matter. I’m so glad the last installment will come in 2 parts, hope that gives justice to the DETAILS of the story. Enough of adolescent wizards and my film critic tendencies, don’t listen to me, I’m no authority.

Aside from Harry, I got books that somewhat reflect what I want in life now,


I’m not at least YET on the family way, but I’d want to have a kid in the  future. And being the control freak that I am a little research here and there won’t hurt, which explains why I purchased the book.

I also got this, I’ve been wanting to get the hard bound and leather embellished version but my futile attempts were unsuccessful so I’d have to be content with the paperback version.


The book cover says it all “My life in the pursuit for the world’s most coveted handbag, lame I know, but we all have our priorities. Mine is just a teeny bit twisted. My DH who’s usually NR over my ramblings, out of the blue asked me

DH: “Which of the 2 would you want to have first, Birkin or Baby”

ME: Thinking in my head, “man, tough question”, “why do you ask such questions?”

In attempt not to answer his question  directly (well, I wouldn’t want to appear such a baby-sick housewife, and moreover, I didn’t want to look too materialistic), I said:

ME: Whatever book I can open the easiest, fastest is what I’ll get first. (The books were wrapped in protective plastic btw)

My hands grabbed the “baby book” but it refused to open 😦 the scotch tape was just so secured in the book! Then I got the BHTB book and without much effort the adhesive glided off the plastic covering in an instant. I didn’t know what to feel. Was it what I truly wanted? Was it’s nature telling me that I’d baby sit bags better than babies? I don’t like the drama. But a real Birkin in my closet would make me really happy, and so would a baby.. hehe.

Anyway, in an effort to cheer myself up, I grabbed one last book I got and promised myself to try every single resto listed in the book!07272009145

It’s a sure handy book for eaters and non-cooks out there! The 2009 version is updated and includes new restos that you wouldn’t normally try without a slight pushing. And oh, scanning through its pages are comforting, made me forget the birkin or baby dilemma. 🙂


I never felt magic crazy as this

Picture 34
I never saw moons knew the meaning of the sea

I never held emotion in the palm of my hand
Hands Or felt sweet breezes in the top of a tree

But now you’re here


Brighten my northern sky.


This is a week delayed, but we’ve made the half a year mark and permit me to use my DH’s words, “Happiness does not know what time means!”

To my life’s wish, my answered prayer and my fairy tale come true! Happy Anniversary! ♥ u!

I’ve always been the white girl, ask people do you know Anya and they’d probably know me as the the “maputi girl”. Blame it on my Chinese heritage my shade of whiteness (is there such a thing? just follow my lead hehe), is the yellow white, that’s often mistaken for being maputla or even worse anemic! With twisted white balances in point in shoot cameras, I often look like a modern day chinese snow white!

I’m not a fan of beaches so sunbathing is not an option, though there are a few tanning beds in Manila, I’m still skeptic about their sanitary measures and the threat of skin cancer still gives me the creeps. My options are limited in a gluta-invaded country as ours, good thing I found this in PCX Greenbelt

JergensThis variety of Jergens promises to create a healthy summer glow all year long. How? Just by using it as your daily body moisturizer. I’m in my 3rd day and I haven’t seen obvious results, however my skin feels softer and more supple. The maximum depth and intensity of the color will be reached after about one week of use, so will post my non-snow white pics (hopefully soon!). Just an added info for those of you who are willing to try out the product, it comes in 3 shades (fair, medium and dark skin, I chose the one designed for fair skin so it’s easier to work my way up the tanning ladder!) and its smell is tolerable when compared to other tanning prodcts (imagine raisins!). The damage quite cheap @400++

Pardon my shameless plugging! a girl has to earn! hehe 🙂


Catch Celebrity Nails in this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan Philippines. This Daring Issue features, girl of the moment Katrina Halili as she talks about her most controversial issue and her most gutsy moves by far!

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My 3 years of driving was mostly spent with my trusty RAV4. From my corporate days to my retail job, the car was ever loyal and undeniably very reliable. But since I am on a stay at home stint since late last year, which means the rav has been home too, it became the prey for the prowling eyes of our abusive drivers!!! I dreaded the feel of their hands on my steering wheel, but I had no choice but to share (I know it sucks). My bratty self that I am couldn’t take it any longer, and after days of bratting around someone’s finally home!!!



Some say it’s a mommy car, but I don’t care, haha! I got what I wanted! Thank DD and DH for the advise, funding and for trying to keep me patient when Toyota couldn’t release my unit on time. 🙂

I’ve struggled on how to write my August / September in hindsight post, not because nothing happened in those months, but I’m struggling to find appropriate words that could do justice to the experience. This isn’t such an easy task if your views are tainted with bubble bursting experiences that somehow made you step back and rethink what and how things are really. It’s most appropriate to say that these months have revealed to me that Luxury can lose its luster and made me question why some people undergo great lengths just to appear deserving. I choose not delve so much into the experience (for fear of bursting someone else’s bubble) but rather, I’d focus on what I learned and what I wish to keep.

  1. Sometimes passion is not enough to keep you going: We all have the tendency to surround ourselves with the things that tickle our fancies, most of us turn it into our livelihood, I did the same. Passion is a very strong word that we often misuse or if not take for granted. But somehow, sometimes, our love for certain subjects isn’t deep enough when greater sacrifices are required. After that fleeting moment of happiness, reality just hits you smack there, leaving with no choice but to turn your back and leave
  2. Trying hard depends on ones perspective: I tried really hard to make my everyday appear meaningful, to the point that I was even lying to myself, in the hopes that I get convinced that what I was doing was right and I’m on track. But when you’ve got big ambitions and goals taking it slow and steady can be such a bore, why take the road trip when you can take the plane?
  3. Women rule the world, and can be manipulative bitches: There’s a saying that goes “the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world”, well it goes way after the cradle, I saw men, shelling out part of their life savings just to make their women happy and this wasn’t a usual occurrence. It’s a funny sight seeing big boys obsess over such a small thing that their loves will eventually bury in their closets. To those lucky girls who have thoughtful men in their lives, appreciate the effort (even if they got you the wrong size or your less desired color), not all girls are as lucky, in fact to this point I envy you.
  4. Gossip Girls / Boys are most often insecure about themselves: I used to be guilty of this crime, I loved making chismis about other people. But it came to a point where I had no reason to pick on other people since I knew and felt that I was blessed. I may not have as much as some but I had more than enough to get by. Last year I came across people, who are supposed to be leagues up there than me but they bothered spreading things about me, honestly I think it made them / her look more stupid. If your motive is to destroy people make sure your audience is listening to you, or at least you are not guilty of the crime you are seeking justice for, not some social climbing wannabe, coz things back fire ya know.gossip-girl-cast-season-3-poster_521x394
  5. It’s okay to work for useless crazy material things: In this world of self help, most of us strive to advocate the likes of Suze Orman for fear of being “Young, Fabulous and Broke” or being “stalked” by our own Derek Smeath. Who doesn’t love the feel of pure silk? the warmth of tweed? or the smell of leather? In this generation more than ever, nice material things are all abound and within our reach. I learned that the way to keep myself going or to motivate myself is to spoil myself, make myself feel important. Doesn’t matter if my shoes cost half my paycheck, I earned it anyway as long as (here are the disclaimers!) 1. I pay for it in cash up front 2. No interest rates involved 3. They only motivate me and not define me 4. Those purchases won’t get in the way of my daily spending, which means I can still settle my usual bills even after my purchaseIMG_0708
  6. People who have moolah are sometimes the most unassuming and grateful individuals: To put it bluntly, I was able to easily recognize posers and potential clients in just one look or even with just the tone of their voices. More often than not the loaded ones are more grounded and less demanding. Same goes with life I guess, fussy people are the ones with everything to lose while those who are easy to talk to are more assured of themselves.
  7. Friends for keeps are still available even in a high glam workplace: I always had the notion that as I grew older, I had less and less chances of finding new friends. I was wrong. Even in such a discriminating workplace, I was able to find friends that I’d keep for life. Truth be told some of them are even more open and less demanding than those long time friends I had, you might argue that maybe we got along fine because we were in the same plight (usually cash strapped but hungry for nice things),  but fast forward to today, I still keep them close. Shopping, clubbing, dining and financial buddies that I’d definitely keep for life.Friends
  8. All we need is a humbling experience as a kick to keep us going: In hindsight, as this chapter of my life comes to close, I think the kick to keep me going was the most important gift I got. Sure, the bags, make-up, shoes and all were great, and I’m not complaining but when you leave all those things behind the real lessons are the ones that last and change our lives. I turned my back on that phase not knowing where to go or what to do next, but the kick was sure strong to keep me rolling to someplace more liberating and fulfilling, rolling to where I am NOW.

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Bratting around

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Wishlist as of 6/21/09

- A new ride
- Digital Photography Lessons
- A custom tailored evening gown
- An everyday bag (a Goyard maybe?)
- A real comfortable pair of black peep toes
- Sticker label for my business truck
- Drapes for our room
- A Hermes dogon wallet
- Vacation with DH
- Finally learn how to play golf
- Expand my nail spa's operation to Pasay
- A timeless clutch
- A gold / silver bangle/s
- Grow my hair long