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My credit card bills (que horor!) have arrived and have been paid. I just realized that due to my shopping and eating habits, I have to do some belt tightening until the 15th. Well, there’s a bit of a spillover of my July expenses that will be billed by end month. So the big question is

What can a broke girl do? Something that doesn’t involve opening her wallet…

I need more suggestions, here’s what I’ve come up with:

  1. Play golf (well, this involves opening my wallet but only to a minimum)
  2. Take pictures and attend photography classes religiously
  3. Exercise at home!!
  4. Watch everything about President Cory!
  5. Tweet, Blog, Facebook, Multiply all day (but some multiply sites pose a temptation to shop!)
  6. Beautification day at home (nails, hair and massage c/o Celebrity Nails
  7. Work and do more internet marketing campaigns
  8. Download and read e-books!!
  9. Clean my closet
  10. Go home and score some free food at home
  11. Do more of my in hindsight posts!

I need more suggestions… Please keep them coming! 🙂


This week has been all about golf (boring, NOT! hehe). I had to do some serious cheerleading / wifely duties since DH had a golf tournament in Cavite. The suburbs was not as bad as I expected and much to my comfort there were malls (thank God!) plus Tagaytay was only 30 minutes away YEHEY!!

The golf event was in Sherwood and I stole some shots while Venz was teeing off.


road leading to the course


Moo moo..


My little pony


Since Tagayatay was just a stones throw away, DH and I decided to try out Tagaytay restos as suggested by my
Food Bible
. First stop was Santis Tagaytay (sorry no pics here, didn’t bring my cam). This resto is just along Aguinaldo hi-way, the place is small and very cozy, think log cabin + french shabby chic. Venj had French onion soup, which was yummy, (but he still claims that the FOS in Helmsley in NY is still the best!) and the lamb dish with Cabarnet sauce which are both very good. I had a swiss inspired dish which for me was a glorified prokchop w/ kechup dish. It was good, but something that our housecook or even myself do. Oh but iced tea in this place was good, with just the right hint of strawberry.

When DH made the cut (making cuts in golf means, a guaranteed earning for him) we had to celebrate, so up in Tagaytay again! This time we tried out Fire Lake  Grill in the Cliffhouse.


The place by itself is date-worthy


Salad (Blackened Beef w/ Greens and thai chili sauce), this made my week.Perfect for someone who wants the feeling of indulgence but is perennially on a diet (ME!)


My DH’s 16 oz. steak, this is actually good to share but big boys have huge appetites! He got the Cowgirl steak that’s herbed rubbed and comes with foie gras butter.

I wanted to try the wines but Venz had an early tee time and we had to be back safely in Gen. Trias. This resto definitely deserves a second visit. The food was rich but not overwhelming and service (c/o Jun our server) was impeccable. Oh but I found the iced tea here too sweet. Hehe, I’m obviously obsessed with iced tea.

I had the privilege to watch my husband do what loves and does best on our last day. He may not have earned much but I’m happy and I feel very lucky to see, document and witness the love of my life living his dream.


Bratting around

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Wishlist as of 6/21/09

- A new ride
- Digital Photography Lessons
- A custom tailored evening gown
- An everyday bag (a Goyard maybe?)
- A real comfortable pair of black peep toes
- Sticker label for my business truck
- Drapes for our room
- A Hermes dogon wallet
- Vacation with DH
- Finally learn how to play golf
- Expand my nail spa's operation to Pasay
- A timeless clutch
- A gold / silver bangle/s
- Grow my hair long