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My credit card bills (que horor!) have arrived and have been paid. I just realized that due to my shopping and eating habits, I have to do some belt tightening until the 15th. Well, there’s a bit of a spillover of my July expenses that will be billed by end month. So the big question is

What can a broke girl do? Something that doesn’t involve opening her wallet…

I need more suggestions, here’s what I’ve come up with:

  1. Play golf (well, this involves opening my wallet but only to a minimum)
  2. Take pictures and attend photography classes religiously
  3. Exercise at home!!
  4. Watch everything about President Cory!
  5. Tweet, Blog, Facebook, Multiply all day (but some multiply sites pose a temptation to shop!)
  6. Beautification day at home (nails, hair and massage c/o Celebrity Nails
  7. Work and do more internet marketing campaigns
  8. Download and read e-books!!
  9. Clean my closet
  10. Go home and score some free food at home
  11. Do more of my in hindsight posts!

I need more suggestions… Please keep them coming! 🙂


I am definitely an accidental photographer, I never planned on getting a dslr camera, I was merely planning on getting the slimmest and lightest point and shoot camera (well, it was pink so I was drooling over it) that’s easy to bring during events and dinners.


But my ever indulgent husband insisted on me getting this


he reasoned that I needed a new hobby, aside from shopping and trying hard not to be a brat, that explains the robotic looking camera. I’ve tried reading the manual and I’ve hoarded books about digital photography but to no avail, the language spoken in the books are just foreign to me. So the search for lessons and wokshops began! I’ve narrowed down my choices to 3 workshops. My criteria for choosing is 1. location (should be near or within Makati), 2. Teacher Profile 3. Past participants’ feedback.

Here are my top 3, any other suggestions are more than welcome, (you can jump to their websites)

1. The Alcove Perspective: References
2. Photography Seminars by Jo Avila
3. Basic Photography: Philippine Center for Creative Imaging

Bratting around

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Wishlist as of 6/21/09

- A new ride
- Digital Photography Lessons
- A custom tailored evening gown
- An everyday bag (a Goyard maybe?)
- A real comfortable pair of black peep toes
- Sticker label for my business truck
- Drapes for our room
- A Hermes dogon wallet
- Vacation with DH
- Finally learn how to play golf
- Expand my nail spa's operation to Pasay
- A timeless clutch
- A gold / silver bangle/s
- Grow my hair long