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I never felt magic crazy as this

Picture 34
I never saw moons knew the meaning of the sea

I never held emotion in the palm of my hand
Hands Or felt sweet breezes in the top of a tree

But now you’re here


Brighten my northern sky.


This is a week delayed, but we’ve made the half a year mark and permit me to use my DH’s words, “Happiness does not know what time means!”

To my life’s wish, my answered prayer and my fairy tale come true! Happy Anniversary! ♥ u!


I’ve always been a self confessed daddy’s girl, even when I left home a few years back I’d find myself missing my papa and end up teary eyed if not totally crying when I get my “I pity myself moments”. DH finds it funny that after all these years I’m still papito’s little girl. You see my dad’s an interesting personality, I used to be scared out of my wits when I was little everytime he’d reprimand me. He’s strict but he indulged me with unnecessary kiddie stuff that I destroyed, lost or gave away, though I wish I kept them until now. He devoted his life to us his family and thinking back now I could see how many sacrifices he made just so we’d get by, you see life wasn’t always easy for him, his story could be likened to those Mano Po plots where a chinese family had, lost and gained everything again, but through his hard work and frugal nature (oh man, my papa is so kuripot, he’s stuck with 1990s price tags!) everything’s more than good now. Clearly, my papa is and will always be my superhero, he never controlled me like how other fathers would, he always supports me even when my decisions are often towards the unbeaten track and he gave me freely away when I got married (no dramas, dowry or tears), yet no matter how effortless he loosened his grip on me, I always find myself going home to him, giddy as ever still like a little girl.

To the photographer who taught me how to smile and project infront of a camera, to the teacher who never got tired of piano, ballet and swimming lessons, to the gentleman who loved me through my shift in all weight classes (from heavy weight to feather weight!) and to the man who deeply despises zara and mango price tags, to my forever love…. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!


Played his role as father of the bride gracefully 🙂


Playing Lolo


And oh, enjoy our gift! I love you PAPITO!

Call me a stage fiancee, a soon to be golf widow, that would bring me nothing but sheer happiness. Here’s Venjo’s article (with Kevin Tayao, a good friend of his) from Gof Digest Philippines August – September 2008 issue. Every bride to be or girlfriend would be flattered given my wonderful fiance’s interview! Go ahead brand me, I’m a loud and proud stage fiancee. hehe.

Pardon my unexcused absence from blogging, there were just too many things and issues that came up, I wouldn’t want to make this blog a litany of my agonies, anyhoo all is fine now, well except for the fact that venj is in the States for the US Open (told you he’s nuts for golf!) caddying for his closest golf buddy Temyong (guess who Temyong is, he’d kill me for publishing his nickname in the www, haha!) Thanks to skype and smart bro prepaid, I’m able to keep my sanity in tact.

So let’s get right down to business, my updates!! Venj celebrated his 25th birthday, early this month and he had 2 surprise parties, one was a mcdonalds kiddie party with the Elena kids and a dinner with his closest buddies.

The surprise doesn’t end there, who would’ve thought that Venj would fall trap to a bag, a signature bag, yes he succumbed! I got him a nice beige bag, his choice :

So there goes venjo’s birthday story!

Wedding updates: Mangored FINALLY (with emphasis on the word finally!) posted our prenup pics in their blog! This isn’t the typical prenup sessions that couples do, Venj and I decided to make it different so as to make the surroundings, our attires and just our mere presence reflect our personalities and whats to come. Here are my favorite shots:

Venz and Anz by the bridge

My venjo doing the thing he loves most

The golfer and the muse

Self Portrait 🙂

It’s strange but it’s actually my mom and dad that influenced me into watching Sex and the City, I was still in college and we’d watch the show weekly in HBO. I guess it was my parents’ way of giving me sex education, (cool huh?) but it wasn’t really the sex that kept me glued. It was the outfits, shoes and bags. Fast forward 5 years, the movie is out and I’m still downright impressed yes ofcourse with the outfits, shoes, bags and WEDDING GOWNS! Venj was weirded out since I was crying during Carrie’s vogue pictorials, all the gowns I saw were fantabulous! Dreamy! Brides to be should not be scared of going out of the box, and ban the tube plus beads combo, it’s generic and its definitely not born with the ooomph factor that will impress any discriminating lady. Carrie actually chose a Vivienne gown which is immaculate (esp with that feather head piece!) but here are my top picks (yes I’m desperate, I even had to buy Vogue just to get pictures of these masterpieces!)

I love the bo-peep details of this gown, the big sleeves, puffy skirt and understated hat made me wow, It’s a Dior no wonder…

This one is very close to my own gown, when I saw the over the top detailing of the skirt, I was almost fooled into seeing my own gown. Vera Wang gets my style, I swear if I’d be married again (and with a million pesos budget for my gown alone) I’ll have her do my dress.

The past 3 weeks have gone by so quickly, I thought life would be slow paced once I’m out of work but I’m so wrong! Planning my wedding and starting to put a business is indeed a roller coaster ride. Let me give a rundown of what I think are the highlights.

  • I cut my hair short: yup, i dared to do the undoable for most brides, my shoulder length hair has given me nothing but trouble and expenses hence a snippy good old scissors did the trick. I’m enjoying every bit of it! thing is it grows faster than I hoped it would, pretty soon I’ll be caught in the in-between hair stage again which means nightmare.
  • I lost my phone!!! I’m one of the people whom you can call cellphone dependent, my work, social life and family are controlled by my phone!! it got stolen in eastwood (stupid me i know..). I cannot take the fact that I’ll be a bum with no mobile phone hence I succumbed and became a true blue appleholic thanks to the iphone. I can manage my life with it (provided I don’t lose it!) sms, mms, email, internet, calendar, camera, games (love love mario 3) and much much more!!
  • I’m starting my own biz, yes, aside from helping my parentals run their biz, I’m putting up my own, I’ll do a separate blog entry on this one, and I’ll hopefully go back to school (fashion school) by May.
  • Went to China 2nd week of April and so far the contacts I’ve established are worth the trip, I won’t divulge any info yet, better to keep my mouth shut at this point.
  • Venj and I bought our wedding bands!!! It’s not identical like how most people like theirs to be, but it reflects both our personal style and taste and I guess that’s what matters.
  • My good friend Denise is engaged! finally!! this means more wedding planning to do!!

I’ve got more updates but most of them are too shaking to be put in a bulleted blog entry, will do a more detailed entry once I get the time. 🙂

My Koreana friend Theresa is finally getting married!!! CHEERS to MIKE and STRESSA!!! YEHEY!!!

She’s a different animal altogether, don’t get me wrong she’s the bestest koreana in the Philippines, or maybe in the whole world or even the best koreana in the whole universe (yep, that make my Stressa, Ms. Koreana Universe) why? you might ask, here are my my Top 10 reasons:

1. She changes her cellphone every 12 weeks, good for Greenhills tinderas (cellphone, trade in po ma’am sir in their most pitchy voices), see she helps the Philippine economy! Her dream phone, iPhone with diamonds

I will buy this for her if venj wins the PGA tour hehe…

2. She’s the biggest internet junkie, thank goodness for wifi, for without it she’ll be tangled in wires with her laptop. Proof of her being a wifi junkie is that she sleeps hugging her laptop, after using it for 12 hours straight at the minimum


With tongchi gang, still using wifi

Kapoy after “I love my laptop”

3. She’s the best spokesperson for De Beers, Tiffany or other Diamond traders, this girl knows her 5Cs by heart, she even got me a 5 carat roommate ring.

4. She buys the most useless but cutest stuff (egglings, couture dog dresses, make up with very fancy cases and anything hello kitty)

5. She can tell whether the dress is Vera, Monique or Carolina

6. She can tell you about newest “it” bag, with much enthusiasm, with her eyes very big and black coz of contacts (if you want a per country, per continent price comparison, ask her she’ll give you her expert advise!)

7. She doesn’t understand tagalog, but laughs when watching tagalog shows!!

8. As shallow as she may seem, her favorite song is Moon River (Deep diba??) check this out:

9. If you tell her anything out of the ordinary expect her to say “seeeryooousss??” (with hands touching her laptop and big black eyes matched with flyaway hair)

10. Being with her is like watching a real Koreanovela unfold before my eyes, drama comedy and of course a fairy tale (hehehe, minus the evil stepmom..) AJA!!

She’s wayy too crazzy for a normal person, but the heck, im way beyond normal. Besides her usual kapoy moments and pepperoni and kimchi foodtrips, I (and Venjo) love her to the bones, she’s our sister and forever friend. Anyone who messes with her messes with me!! So mike, please take good care of Stressa, she’s one of a kind, a rare find, just like a 5 carat diamond, the only girl worthy to be called Bumblebee Robot or BUBOT for short. 🙂

Bratting around

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Wishlist as of 6/21/09

- A new ride
- Digital Photography Lessons
- A custom tailored evening gown
- An everyday bag (a Goyard maybe?)
- A real comfortable pair of black peep toes
- Sticker label for my business truck
- Drapes for our room
- A Hermes dogon wallet
- Vacation with DH
- Finally learn how to play golf
- Expand my nail spa's operation to Pasay
- A timeless clutch
- A gold / silver bangle/s
- Grow my hair long