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I’ve struggled on how to write my August / September in hindsight post, not because nothing happened in those months, but I’m struggling to find appropriate words that could do justice to the experience. This isn’t such an easy task if your views are tainted with bubble bursting experiences that somehow made you step back and rethink what and how things are really. It’s most appropriate to say that these months have revealed to me that Luxury can lose its luster and made me question why some people undergo great lengths just to appear deserving. I choose not delve so much into the experience (for fear of bursting someone else’s bubble) but rather, I’d focus on what I learned and what I wish to keep.

  1. Sometimes passion is not enough to keep you going: We all have the tendency to surround ourselves with the things that tickle our fancies, most of us turn it into our livelihood, I did the same. Passion is a very strong word that we often misuse or if not take for granted. But somehow, sometimes, our love for certain subjects isn’t deep enough when greater sacrifices are required. After that fleeting moment of happiness, reality just hits you smack there, leaving with no choice but to turn your back and leave
  2. Trying hard depends on ones perspective: I tried really hard to make my everyday appear meaningful, to the point that I was even lying to myself, in the hopes that I get convinced that what I was doing was right and I’m on track. But when you’ve got big ambitions and goals taking it slow and steady can be such a bore, why take the road trip when you can take the plane?
  3. Women rule the world, and can be manipulative bitches: There’s a saying that goes “the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world”, well it goes way after the cradle, I saw men, shelling out part of their life savings just to make their women happy and this wasn’t a usual occurrence. It’s a funny sight seeing big boys obsess over such a small thing that their loves will eventually bury in their closets. To those lucky girls who have thoughtful men in their lives, appreciate the effort (even if they got you the wrong size or your less desired color), not all girls are as lucky, in fact to this point I envy you.
  4. Gossip Girls / Boys are most often insecure about themselves: I used to be guilty of this crime, I loved making chismis about other people. But it came to a point where I had no reason to pick on other people since I knew and felt that I was blessed. I may not have as much as some but I had more than enough to get by. Last year I came across people, who are supposed to be leagues up there than me but they bothered spreading things about me, honestly I think it made them / her look more stupid. If your motive is to destroy people make sure your audience is listening to you, or at least you are not guilty of the crime you are seeking justice for, not some social climbing wannabe, coz things back fire ya know.gossip-girl-cast-season-3-poster_521x394
  5. It’s okay to work for useless crazy material things: In this world of self help, most of us strive to advocate the likes of Suze Orman for fear of being “Young, Fabulous and Broke” or being “stalked” by our own Derek Smeath. Who doesn’t love the feel of pure silk? the warmth of tweed? or the smell of leather? In this generation more than ever, nice material things are all abound and within our reach. I learned that the way to keep myself going or to motivate myself is to spoil myself, make myself feel important. Doesn’t matter if my shoes cost half my paycheck, I earned it anyway as long as (here are the disclaimers!) 1. I pay for it in cash up front 2. No interest rates involved 3. They only motivate me and not define me 4. Those purchases won’t get in the way of my daily spending, which means I can still settle my usual bills even after my purchaseIMG_0708
  6. People who have moolah are sometimes the most unassuming and grateful individuals: To put it bluntly, I was able to easily recognize posers and potential clients in just one look or even with just the tone of their voices. More often than not the loaded ones are more grounded and less demanding. Same goes with life I guess, fussy people are the ones with everything to lose while those who are easy to talk to are more assured of themselves.
  7. Friends for keeps are still available even in a high glam workplace: I always had the notion that as I grew older, I had less and less chances of finding new friends. I was wrong. Even in such a discriminating workplace, I was able to find friends that I’d keep for life. Truth be told some of them are even more open and less demanding than those long time friends I had, you might argue that maybe we got along fine because we were in the same plight (usually cash strapped but hungry for nice things),  but fast forward to today, I still keep them close. Shopping, clubbing, dining and financial buddies that I’d definitely keep for life.Friends
  8. All we need is a humbling experience as a kick to keep us going: In hindsight, as this chapter of my life comes to close, I think the kick to keep me going was the most important gift I got. Sure, the bags, make-up, shoes and all were great, and I’m not complaining but when you leave all those things behind the real lessons are the ones that last and change our lives. I turned my back on that phase not knowing where to go or what to do next, but the kick was sure strong to keep me rolling to someplace more liberating and fulfilling, rolling to where I am NOW.

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I’ve been experiencing a case of blog backlog so many things to share so little time.

I’m currently home alone for 2 weeks, since DH has some business (business=golf) to attend to in Davao and CDO, talk about being a golf widow, sucks nah? I’m trying to fill my social calendar so days would fly, let’s see how I can manage on that, just wish my laziness won’t get in the way.

It’s the end of June and a half a year has passed! My list of goals for the year, aka my resolutions, are still lacking in check marks (so what’s new? hehe) but on the brighter side I have 6 more months to work on them, but for now I’m uninspired and I’m giving way to my bratty tendencies.


EDIT: 7/1/2009, When I meant giving way to my bratty tendencies, this is what happens

zara shoes

On-sale!! Love it 🙂

Another of my shameless plugging posts! Celebrity Nails (haven’t really blogged about this, but this is my baby business) was featured in MYX channel’s Wer U At? Check out the video and see how we take the nail spa experience to your homes! Still not convinced? Try us out: choose which branch is closest to you!

Makati, Taguig & Pasay: 401.7789 / (0908) 457.3000 / (0922.8382692)
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Alabang & Timog: Opening Soon!

I am definitely an accidental photographer, I never planned on getting a dslr camera, I was merely planning on getting the slimmest and lightest point and shoot camera (well, it was pink so I was drooling over it) that’s easy to bring during events and dinners.


But my ever indulgent husband insisted on me getting this


he reasoned that I needed a new hobby, aside from shopping and trying hard not to be a brat, that explains the robotic looking camera. I’ve tried reading the manual and I’ve hoarded books about digital photography but to no avail, the language spoken in the books are just foreign to me. So the search for lessons and wokshops began! I’ve narrowed down my choices to 3 workshops. My criteria for choosing is 1. location (should be near or within Makati), 2. Teacher Profile 3. Past participants’ feedback.

Here are my top 3, any other suggestions are more than welcome, (you can jump to their websites)

1. The Alcove Perspective: References
2. Photography Seminars by Jo Avila
3. Basic Photography: Philippine Center for Creative Imaging

Today I facilitated a waxing training workshop w/ my technicians yup, Celebrity Nails Makati also offers waxing, I gave them a brief lecture about waxing,history, dos and donts and ofcourse practical application. My driver was kawawa since he served as our waxing model for the day. He’s now officially the driver with the smoothest, leg free hair in all of Makati! bwahaha! Please call the numbers in our website if you would need waxing services in the comfort of your own homes! Shameless plugging I know!

Right after my workshop I did wifely duties by going to Sta. Elena w/ DH. Going to Sta. E still gives me that nostalgic air for DH and I first met there.


In one of these tables to be exact… ♥

While waiting for him, I took a few shots using my dslr, they’re futile attempts I know but baby steps, I’ll get there.

IMG_1270 IMG_1273 IMG_1286 IMG_1291

Going home was hell, I hate South Superhighway traffic we had to pass thru Alabang, BF, Better living & Bicutan just to avoid the bumper to bumper ride. It was a good 2 hours of my day spent on the road!

Wifely duties for now, Venj is sick (again!)

Writing in hindsight isn’t as easy as I thought. For starters, I couldn’t exactly remember what happened which month and once I remember things the more that I confuse myself with dates, people and places hay! talk about a bad case of senior moment in your 20s, bad bad. Thanks to my ever reliable iPhoto, I was able to trace my July 08 moments, see love your notebook and it will love you back 🙂

Enough of my notebook love affair, I’ve got some memory flexing to do. For starters, I was a busy bum for most of last year. I quit my promising corporate job in March and I was uncertain whether or not I should change fields, pursue further studies, look for a better job or just start my own biz. But even with the “not sure” mindset I had I still randomly applied for work, I would frequent or JobsDB for openings that would appeal to me, and without thinking twice hit the Apply Button. I had several interviews and job offers but I turned all of of them, since I was then more than ever more demanding of my paycheck, my time and my post.

Back in June 08, I applied for a fun job. I knew the job won’t pay me well, I knew it was underemployment personified and I was a 100% ready for the raised eyebrows I’d get from my parentals. I was in for the perks and discounts that the job can offer (more of these in my August – September in hindsight post). I was accepted and my rebellious nature couldn’t take going back to work without a final vacation in tow!

DH (my then fiance) had a golf tournament to join in Malaysia, I dug out my meager savings to book myself a flight and followed him without his consent! The club were he stayed was outside Kuala Lumpur so I had to occupy myself and be content with malls / places that are situated in the outskirts of the city. Pyramid mall was my home for 3 days. This mall could be compared to the likes of Podium, nice mid to high-end stores all in one roof. I went crazy over makeup and La Senza underwear during this trip, I never bought so much make up and undies in my life (fast forward to today, I still have some panties and eye color in stock!) and when the airport officials back in Manila opened my luggage for customs check, they were embarrassed to ask further questions hehe. I wanted to check Petronas just for the turista feel of it, but sadly, we didn’t catch the morning queue. So quick tip to those planning to check the twin towers, quit those sleepyheads and get those asses in line early! And oh, while in Malaysia I spent hours trying those Osim products, check them out here. I actually got myself the iSqueeze a day after I returned from Malaysia.

I wasn’t very much a camera monger then which explains the lack in pictures, here’s part of my meager stash:

IMG-0700 IMG-0692

Malaysian Landscape                                                             Mainit (Outside Petronas)

IMG-0687 IMG-0683

Can art  (yep, made of recycled soda cans)                                        We missed it!

My July experience in hinsight is obviously about being spontaneous and going with the flow, I had no plans whatsoever, I didn’t know for sure what to do. Some might say that mine was a case of plain katamaran and complacency maybe true, but contentment is good you know. In July of 08 I learned that steady waters is good, and good timing is needed when you’re out to sail in a different direction.

I’ve always been a self confessed daddy’s girl, even when I left home a few years back I’d find myself missing my papa and end up teary eyed if not totally crying when I get my “I pity myself moments”. DH finds it funny that after all these years I’m still papito’s little girl. You see my dad’s an interesting personality, I used to be scared out of my wits when I was little everytime he’d reprimand me. He’s strict but he indulged me with unnecessary kiddie stuff that I destroyed, lost or gave away, though I wish I kept them until now. He devoted his life to us his family and thinking back now I could see how many sacrifices he made just so we’d get by, you see life wasn’t always easy for him, his story could be likened to those Mano Po plots where a chinese family had, lost and gained everything again, but through his hard work and frugal nature (oh man, my papa is so kuripot, he’s stuck with 1990s price tags!) everything’s more than good now. Clearly, my papa is and will always be my superhero, he never controlled me like how other fathers would, he always supports me even when my decisions are often towards the unbeaten track and he gave me freely away when I got married (no dramas, dowry or tears), yet no matter how effortless he loosened his grip on me, I always find myself going home to him, giddy as ever still like a little girl.

To the photographer who taught me how to smile and project infront of a camera, to the teacher who never got tired of piano, ballet and swimming lessons, to the gentleman who loved me through my shift in all weight classes (from heavy weight to feather weight!) and to the man who deeply despises zara and mango price tags, to my forever love…. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!


Played his role as father of the bride gracefully 🙂


Playing Lolo


And oh, enjoy our gift! I love you PAPITO!

Bratting around

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Wishlist as of 6/21/09

- A new ride
- Digital Photography Lessons
- A custom tailored evening gown
- An everyday bag (a Goyard maybe?)
- A real comfortable pair of black peep toes
- Sticker label for my business truck
- Drapes for our room
- A Hermes dogon wallet
- Vacation with DH
- Finally learn how to play golf
- Expand my nail spa's operation to Pasay
- A timeless clutch
- A gold / silver bangle/s
- Grow my hair long